A 1st Grade Teacher’s Testimonial About Reading Simplified

first grade teacher interview

Watch this interview of a 1st grade teacher, Colleen, about her new experiences implementing Reading Simplified. Colleen is struck by how much more rapidly her class is developing a strong foundation; already in October they are where they would typically be by December or January.   Want what Colleen has? Join the Reading Simplified Academy […]

The 411 on 4 Types of Reading Errors

4 types reading errors

Much of educational research is bunk. There I said it. And, yes, I’m a researcher. šŸ˜® BUT… SomeĀ educational research transcends fads, small sample sizes, and over-drawn conclusions. SomeĀ educational research truly disseminates insightful conclusions based on multiple, diverse, long-ranging studies. John Hattie’s research is one such shining example. Across many years, Hattie has demonstrated, through meta-analytic […]

Game That Reinforces Long Vowels

long vowels game

Play a variation on the Candy Land game that targets one Advanced Phonics vowel sound at a time. In addition, select words that are high frequency words for that target sound. This way you’ll be reinforcing long vowel spellings as well as high frequency words! And kids will love to play so the extra Eyes […]

Boosting teachers’ knowledge of phonemic awareness and…

phonemic awareness

Join us for a post-Halloween-candy-overdose party! BYOC…Bring Your Own Candy. šŸ˜‰ We’ll play with the candy to become experts in phonemic awareness and phonics. If you teach reading, these are the fundamentals of our language that you need to know. Researchers have repeatedly discovered that elementary teachers have poor knowledge of phonemic awareness and phonics […]

Test Your Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Knowledge

test phonemic awareness phonics knowledge

When I realized that my 6th grade students didn’t know how to read anywhere close to grade level, I simultaneously realized that even though I had a master’s in English education and took a course in the teaching of reading, I. Had. No. Idea. How. To. Teach. Them! Research Tests Show Teachers Are Under-Prepared Researchers […]

3-Step Lesson Plan for Nearly New Beginning Readers

new beginning readers

Want a week of guided reading plans? Join us as I demonstrate a simple 3-step lesson plan tailor-made for NEARLY new beginners. And I’ll offer a link to a week of lesson plans using this simple lesson plan framework! Last week I shared how a simple 3-step lesson plan can jumpstart Brand-New Beginners. THIS week, […]

3-Step Lesson plan for brand new readers

3-Step Lesson plan

Tune in to discover a streamlined 3-part lesson plan for brand new beginning readers. Snag a free week of lesson plans, too! Go here See how fast a beginner can move with activities that integrate multiple skills simultaneously. In addition, watch for a video segment of a 4 year-old learning how to read with one […]

The 1st step in teaching sight words

1st step sight words

The 1st–and most essential–step in teaching sight words. Discover how the right first step can make or break many readers achievement! Just 1 simple check can ensure ALL of your students learn sight words well…and more rapidly. Access to things we discussed in the video: Switch It Read It Reading tests Reading Simplified Academy What […]