3 Activities a Day to Keep Reading Difficulties Away

How long does it take to catch a reader who is struggling back up to her peers? Some reading research reports explain that almost all students with reading difficulties can catch up after 70 or more hours of 1-on-1 instruction. 70 hours!   Know any classroom teachers with that kinda time?  For 1 student? And, while […]

One and Done….Nearly

Maria is a beautiful, endearing child with carefully plaited braids and bows that match her skirt. Like millions of other children over the years, she enters Kindergarten, expectant, hoping to learn to read. But will she? Easily? Or, Will she struggle? Frankly, the US national odds are against Maria learning to read easily and well. […]

Welcome to Readers of The Applicious Teacher!

Welcome to all those fans of lovely site, The Applicious Teacher! We’re glad you’re visiting Reading Simplified! Reading Simplified exists to streamline the teaching of reading while accelerating the achievement of your students.  (Please see below for a FREEBIE just for stopping by.) Here at Reading Simplified we offer: free videos, checklists, worksheets, reading materials, and […]

The Most Important Question–Comprehension 101

Bloom and his Taxonomy gave me a guilt trip. Can I get a witness? Like many teachers-in-training, I was taught the cognitive domain of his hierarchy of questions: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, evaluation, and synthesis.   Hierarchy.  Bah! That’s so… so……     so…                       […]

3 Unexpected Delights at the ILA Conference 2015

We were so honored and excited to present for a pre-conference institute at the International Literacy Association’s (ILA) annual conference in St. Louis last weekend. We shared to an eager audience of teachers a handful of key reading strategies that we use with beginning and struggling readers. Christie and I both had to rush back more […]

Integrate, Don’t Isolate: Teach Multiple Reading Skills Simultaneously

Imagine with me the recipe that most first grade teachers attempt to create a class of readers: A dash of phonemic awareness, a larger measure of phonics, sprinkled with sight word games, simmered with an engaging read aloud, but not neglecting the obligatory 10 minutes in a writing journal. Does the careful mixing of these […]

Welcome to the Reading Simplified blog!

We are so excited to begin this new phase of Reading Simplified–sharing ideas with all of you!  We will start the conversation with tips and strategies for making reading instruction simpler and more efficient to result in greater acceleration for your students. Here are some example topics we’ll review: streamlining the Common Core State Standards, integrating […]