Oral Reading: The Importance of Strategic Practice

Oral Reading: The Importance of Strategic Practice

Why do some kids struggle with reading more than others? Are they missing something? And if so, what is it? If you ask me what beginner or struggling readers are neglecting, I’d tell you that it’s a lack of oral reading practice with a teacher’s feedback.Strategic oral reading practice with a teacher’s feedback is the NUMBER ONE […]

Shortcuts for Word Work

Shortcuts for Word Work

Our classroom reading instruction time can often feel rushed and ineffective. Why?Well, most of us can only dedicate 10 to 20 minutes of reading time per day. There’s so much to cover in such a short space of time that it’s almost impossible to get it all done using traditional teaching methods. According to several different […]

Reading Instruction Shortcuts for Switch It

Reading Instruction Shortcuts for Switch It

Are you struggling to get the most out of reading instruction time with your kids? Maybe you’ve got 20 minutes or less to work on their phonemic segmentation and phonemic manipulation skills, but you’re crunched for time? I know the feeling!It can be so frustrating when you’re only halfway through the lesson, and the school bell interrupts […]

Play the Phonics Intervention Game!

Play the Phonics Intervention Game!

Most struggling readers have poor sound-based decoding skills, which means they lack the core foundation of being a good reader. They’re unable to line-up each sound of a word with each individual letter sound and thus, reading breaks down.But what if I told you there was an intervention plan that solves most reading problems for […]

Quick Help For Blending Challenges

Quick Help for Blending Challenges

Do you have a student who finds it difficult to decode an unfamiliar word? Perhaps she can’t blend 3-sound words, or maybe he’s an older reader who struggles with multi-syllable words and blending 5-sound words?Whatever the case may be, the Blend As You Read decoding strategy will help to speed up your child’s reading achievement […]

End-of-Year Challenge!

20 Days to ACCELERATE Your Weakest Reader(s)

Are you counting down the days till summer break? Who’s not, right? With over-testing, kids’ spring fever, students who are not progressing as we hoped, and the arrival of warm, blue skies, we may be a tad less effective in our teaching in the last few weeks and days. I know I’ve gotten too worn-down […]

We Appreciate You, Teacher!!

teacher appreciation 2018

No other professional would put up with the craziness that you’ve seen (and endured) over the years, right, my teacher friend? But your work is our future. Thank you. Sorry we don’t say it enough. In honor of you, this Teacher Appreciation week 2018, please download the beautiful quote image above. {Click here.} A token […]

Why Phonics Isn’t Sticking (And What to Do About It!)

boy with phonics sticky notes

Are you worn down from teaching a student (or a group of students) who have seem to have a “sieve brain”? There’s nothing more frustrating than teaching phonics repeatedly to a student and yet none of it seems to stick! You teach important content with all the bells and whistles–multisensory, movement, repetition, etc. And then […]

The Teacher Who Didn’t Know How to Teach Reading!

How It All Started….And a Special Opportunity I’m here today in 2018 with this blog all because of two 6th grade boys who didn’t know how to read way back in 1998. But which was worse–the 2 middle school boys in my classroom who didn’t know how to read OR… …the language arts teacher (me!) […]

A Pair of Activities for Rapid Phonics Memorizing

Pairing for Rapid Phonics Memorizing (1)

Miracles of miracles you’re keeping pace with your reading series’ phonics scope and sequence…. But you have this niggling voice in the back of your head causing you doubt every time to you listen to a couple of your groups during guided reading. One student, for example, is attempting to read this text aloud, “She […]