A 4 Year-Old Beginner Learns Phonemic Awareness
& Phonics...in 5 Days

Watch this 4 year-old begin early reading instruction with just 1 activity Build It. Notice how in Day 1, he doesn't really know how to segment a 3-sound word. He also doesn't know many letter-sounds. 

I did just 8 minutes a day of Build It as in the video below with him for 3 days. Nothing else. Then I swapped out Build It for Switch It on Days 4 and 5 (second video).

DAY 1-Build It

Now we skip ahead to his final day of 5 days in a row. He's advanced to Switch It instead of Build It. Notice how much more confident he is. He's learned 13 letter-sounds (including consonant digraphs) in this 1 week...with just 8 minutes of 1 activity per day!

He also now can now segment and manipulate 3-sound words much more independently. After this mini-experiment of just 1 multisensory sound-based decoding activity per day for 1 week, he began reading.  With further instruction in the full Reading Simplified approach, as a kindergartner, he is now happily reading at the 3rd-4th grade level.

DAY 5-Switch It

This is just the beginning of the transformation.... Enjoy rapid outcomes like this for every student by joining us for our upcoming workshop...


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