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Hear what teachers and parents say about the Reading Simplified Academy.

Teacher & Mom of Child with Autism

"Now I know I'm not going to have to worry about his reading."

First grade Teacher's Class Ahead
2 - 3 Months by December

College Professor Mom's Son with Dyslexia. 
"Reading is Really Fun...!"

Special Education lead Teacher:
"My only Regret is That I didn't have It Sooner."

1st Grade Teacher after just 7 weeks: 
"saw a huge improvement"

Jennifer N.
Master's in reading, reading tutor, 1st & 2nd grade public school teacher, & homeschooling mom

I have previously worked as a 1st and 2nd grade teacher in public schools and have a master's in reading education.  My youngest child is 6, and I began using the Reading Simplified activities with him in May.

His ability to read short vowel words has increased from cvc to cvcc to ccvcc to cccvcc level in just a few weeks.

Two weeks ago, I began using Sort It to introduce the advanced code to him, and he is now reading words with the /oa/ and /ee/ sounds. The Key Sentences Marnie has created to help kids remember the varied spellings of a sound have been so helpful. My son is so proud of the books is he able to read now!

I am so grateful to her for sharing her expertise gained from 20+ years as a reading teacher and researcher.

Dr. Ginsberg truly shows her expertise in reading with her streamlined strategies. Bells, whistles, and expensive materials from other reading programs do not typically yield the results possible with techniques provided by Reading Simplified.

This approach allows reading professionals to better understand reading development themselves, as they master the strategies, while simultaneously furthering their students.  

As a professor of undergraduate and graduate courses in reading, I have recommended the Reading Simplified website to many students when discussing the development of reading in early childhood and elementary class settings

Jeanne Gunther, Ph.D.

Early Childhood Education Program Chair, Francis Marion University

Louise R.
Homeschooling in South Africa

I cannot say thank you enough about your course. My oldest boy is 9.5 almost 10 and reading has really not come easily to him. There were even times that I wondered if he was dyslexic or something (my husband also struggled with reading).

Being a homeschooling mom you are forever asking yourself if you have done some awful damage to your child. Your course saved 2 lives -- mine and his. 

He has gone from spelling out almost every word while reading and being unsure of his sounds to READING quite fluently it's amazing !!!!!! 

I rushed through the course because I had become quite desperate to help my child. It was like air to a suffocating person.

The "read it" part of the course was HUGE like a lightbulb moment for me. The "sort it" part has also been amazing. I thought that it might confuse him but it didn't. He got it so quickly, we are still working through some of the exercises but the improvement has been unbelievable.

Truly truly I am so so grateful. 

Many many many Thanks

Watching Dr. Ginsberg work with a child is a powerful experience.

She possesses the rare combination of literacy expertise and the ability to assess and respond to a child's reading needs on the spot.

I've also seen her design a reading approach based on current, sound research.

I've seen her train and support teachers and reading coaches in how to implement that curriculum with children who have very large gaps in their reading skills.

Denise Ricks

Teacher, Reading Coach, Educational Consultant

Ashley W.

I finally took the leap and joined the RS academy. I only wish I had done it sooner.

This is the missing piece!!!

I feel like I've attended one of the best reading trainings ever and the best part is that Marnie and her team are here to continue helping.

Plus, they have done all the work for you. There are so many valuable resources and a logical scope and sequence.

My planning time just got cut in half!! Thank you!

Mim B.
Tutor in Australia

It's honestly the best investment I've made in my teaching career.

Heather A.
Reading intervention teacher, K-2

 I have been using the Reading Simplified approach for two years now.

I have seen great growth with even my youngest of learners (kindergarten)! It amazes me when they can gain so many sounds in such a short amount of time.

Using the Sort It activity really helps to push their learning further than you think they can go.

Thank you, Marnie, for pointing out the fact that students can learn more than just one thing at a time when it is integrated!

Sally Y.
Teacher & grandmother

I am so excited about this program. Although I have tutored reading for the past 30 years this has totally filled in the gaps I’ve been searching for.

Arlene F.
Retired special educator, Orton-Gillingham trained, tutor, grandmother

Reading Simplified definitely accelerates learning with activities that simultaneously integrate multiple processes at once and provides built-in review.  

The Streamlined Pathway, that integrates sounds, length of words (CVC, CCVC, MS, etc.) Fry words, and fluency, is a grand way to put it all together to move students forward.  

The program is simply and masterfully put together.

Caroll A. 
Special education teacher

It is revolutionary but really quite simple!

Sherri H.
After-school tutor

I really love this program, so easy and not a lot of materials as some other programs.


I am tutoring a 2nd grader after school. I taught him last year in an reading intervention class for 45 minutes using Saxon Phonics.

I learned a lot from Saxon, but… again the Reading Simplified program is so much better for the real world…Simplified!

Kathie R.

I wanted to share how happy I am with the Reading Simplified way of teaching. I started working with a student I had in kindergarten last year. His problem was he could not tap and blend or read an A level book. He also had difficulty sounding out words to spell.

Today was our 9th session and he was able to read cvcc words without covering any of the letters!!!!! He was able to say each sound, retain the sounds in the correct order, and blend the sounds to read the word!

His mom was in tears. He also was able to re-read "What Is It?" and fill in the word dog without any prompting from me. He took the pencil, said each sound and wrote it! Today was the first time I asked him to write anything not related to Read-It and he had no problems whatsoever.

The biggest improvement I am seeing is in his confidence, stamina, and grit. This was a boy who would look at a book, then look at me and just shrug his shoulders and say, "I don't know what that is." Now, he is asking for nonsense words! His motivation has skyrocketed and I couldn't be happier.

I am so grateful that I stumbled upon Reading Simplified. It has given ME new life and motivation for the upcoming year.

Jaana G.

Thank you for being willing to share your expertise. I have enjoyed your course immensely and I have learnt a lot.

I have participated in a variety of different reading programs over my years as a teacher and I think your strategies are our missing links.

We have used a lot of similar strategies but your take on the activities are great. I have already seen lots of growth in my students.

Terri J.
Reading tutor

I've been tutoring around 15 kids during school. About 15 minutes twice a week, since the end of January. Which equals about about 1 1/2 months of 30-40 minutes a week, with several of them gone on sick days, or snow days. Only one of them gets any 1 on 1. The rest are in groups of 2 or 3.

12 of the 12 (3 more to test) students who have been retested, using Fountas and Pinnell, have moved 2 or 3 levels on the gradient. Some of that would represent almost half a year of progress. So, even with an incredibly green tutor (myself) and learning the ropes as I go, I believe Reading Simplified is the real deal. Of course, it is hard to say where they would be had they just kept plugging along.

I have personally seen confidence levels rise, and am getting feedback from teachers that they are noticing significant gains with the students.

I continue to be amazed how quickly they can move along, and how little time it takes from struggling over a particular sequence of sounds like "clash" (he couldn't figure out how to deal with the 'c' and 'l' and kept rearranging, or taking the vowel out) and then having it click, and then he could do flash, and flesh. It is so fun to see their eyes light up, their 'aha', and move the next letter tiles with confidence, even though just seconds before they couldn't figure it out.

It makes me wonder what kids would do with a program like this who weren't struggling, but were quick intuitive learners. It would be interesting to see how much time could be saved, and how quickly they could progress and get to real reading. It also makes me wonder if we haven't created the crisis in the first place by putting so much "method" into it.

I feel like most programs have made it so much more complicated and scientific than it really needs to be. An analogy: In some methods, it's like teaching a child how to make bread. But before letting them get their hands on the ingredients and kneading the dough, weeks of flashcards with measuring spoons , and a picture of wheat, and a grain mill, and different sizes of cups, and where oil comes from. And then letting them, after weeks of study and quizzing of measurements and definitions, finally pulling out the bowl, and putting it all together, all the while rehearsing the rules of cooking and oven temperatures, and quizzing them on what the parts are.Instead of diving right in, guiding them in the parts as they go, continued practice in the thing itself, and the sweet success of eating homemade bread. (I make sourdough bread, as another one of my obsessions, if you couldn't tell. And people have made a science out of that too, which makes it near impossible to enjoy the process).

When something is simple to explain, and can be taught to a child, but has such rich rewards, then I think we are on to something.

Thank you again. All of you, for all you are doing. I feel so blessed to be a part of this. Terri

LaShell P.
Kindergarten teacher

Hi everyone! My name is LaShell and I have been teaching for 8 years. I have taught Third Grade for two years, First Grade for 6 years, and now I will begin my journey in Kindergarten this Fall.

I had heard so many wonderful things about Reading Simplified! I decided to try watching other teachers who’d been through the training and implementing what I had observed during the last 8 weeks of school.

I was blown away at the progress my students made in such a short amount of time! I’m excited to have the opportunity to go through this course this summer and use my new knowledge on a student who needs a little extra tutoring over the summer to be better prepared for Second Grade.

Candace K.
Retired teacher. Tutor

One of the best ongoing PD resources for learning about the essentials of beginning reading.

Marnie is a very competent and knowledgeable teacher!

Rochelle R.
Primary teacher

I couldn’t agree more, Candace.

I’ve learned more with Marnie in the last six months than I have in my 25 years of teaching kids to read!

Marsha O.

Special education teacher

Your support and advice is greatly appreciated…

This has been the best training I have ever experienced because I have the time to learn, practice and the support to get back on track when I stumble. :)

Jennie L.

Teacher & tutor

I only have one week left of tutoring my former kindergarten student. I discovered Reading Simplified during the school year and started it with my student, G, who was not grasping sounds and letters in a traditional way as well as many other factors affecting her learning. At the end of the school year, she still only mastered about 18 sounds and could only name 14 letters consistently.

I have been tutoring G twice a week since June using Reading Simplified. I am so pleased with her progress. She has finally started reading decodable books to me and can name letters and sounds. Most importantly, she is also confident! I believe Switch It really was what broke through to her and also having the routine of going through different types of activities each session. Also, she loves to play Steal It!

Thank you so much! I've taught 16 years and have never seen a program work this quickly!

Meghann S.
Kindergarten teacher

I really enjoyed going through the academy I learned so much about teaching reading!

I have used Switch It a lot and have seen growth in all my students. I use it in small groups and sometimes it is hard to do it on a bigger group with my low ones. I just trained my aide to use switch it with my lower ones for when she pulls them. I am going to show her Read It as well.

I am planning on implementing the rest of your program more after spring break and I am on the process of grouping my students right now. 

Michelle M.

 Hi Marnie! I'm LOVING all of the materials and resources! All of my students are making consistent progress and they LOVE doing each aspect of the RS approach.

Students that hated to read are beginning to enjoy it now that it's not as difficult. Big Win!! I love seeing their confidence soar and the smiles of pride from their accomplishments shine on their little faces.

Also, I'm Much Less stressed because I have a solid plan that is working and so easy to follow and implement! I really can't thank you enough.

I'm so glad I joined the RSA!

Rochelle R.
Primary teacher

 I have just finished the RS course and I loved every minute of it!!

I have been teaching struggling readers for 25 years and FINALLY, I have found a system that really works and it fun to do!! It is truly the best PD I have ever taken (and I have take ALOT). 

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