Solve Their Decoding Problems

With This Simple Game

  • Provides the missing “Aha!” for decoding
  • Accelerates letter-sound learning
  • Advances phonemic awareness

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What Is Switch It?

A Game That Teaches...

Children love Switch It because it’s fun. Yet, as they “play” the quick, 5-minute Switch It game, they’re mastering…

  • the concept of the alphabetic principle,
  • letter-sound knowledge,
  • phonemic segmentation,
  • phonemic manipulation, &
  • early decoding & spelling skills.

All these benefits rolled up into just 1 simple activity that spurs accelerated achievement for beginning or struggling readers!

Teachers Share with Us

"It worked miracles!"...

Teachers and parents with access to this free Switch It guide alone express shock and excitement about their students’ growth:

  • “Utilized Switch It today with 3 of my struggling readers. Wowie, wow, wow (in the words of Junie B.)!! I can’t wait to utilize this again tomorrow and for the rest of the year.”  –Traci H.
  • “I have a very low class in general. They absolutely love Switch It….The most engaged I have seen this class get is when I started using Switch It. It has even helped build the confidence of my lowest groups and they are starting to want to try and make words. I just wish I would have found you in September.”  –Sharon H.
  • “After our first game of Switch It, it was like a light bulb went on. This has been a godsend for her and me.”  –Sterling A.

Frustrated by students who can't
remember letter-sounds or sight words?

Bad news: When students have poor phonemic awareness or poor sound-based decoding, learning the letter-sounds or sight words may seem impossible.

Good news: Switch It turns that problem on its head by helping students quickly have crucial insights that gets literacy information to finally STICK! By playing the game, they build their sound-based decoding skills….and then phonics info and sight words are easily memorized. Ahhhh….

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