The Skinny on Reading Simplified

Hi! I’m Marnie Ginsberg, founder of Reading Simplified. If you’ve ever pondered these questions:

  • How can I teach my struggling reader(s)?
  • How can I know what is the best next activity for my beginning reader(s)?
  • What’s the fastest way to teach anyone to read?
  • What books should my student read now?
  • What apps can engage my students and teach them to read?

Or, if you’re just a fan of the teaching of reading like us, then…

You’re in the right place!

How Reading Simplified Can Serve You & the Readers You Teach

“To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.” — Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

Learning to read is the single most pivotal educational attainment of childhood. Yet, far too many of our children struggle, and honestly, fail to learn to read well. In the U.S., nearly 60% of all 4th grade students do not reach proficiency in reading, according to the Nation’s Report Card. Tragically, 82% of black 4th grade students and 74% of Hispanic 4th graders do not reach proficiency in reading….


It shouldn’t be this way.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Reading Simplified lights a path toward early, quick reading achievement, for students of all backgrounds. I’ve been a classroom teacher, too—I know you don’t have any more time. !!

So, our resources are tailored to:

  • Streamline your instructional decisions and teaching time, and
  • Accelerate your students’ achievement,

so that you have more time to enjoy reading to and with your students, teaching them every day with less stress, or, perhaps, finally slipping away to watch that movie everyone’s talking about.


hammock fence no hurry

For decades, I’ve relentlessly pursued the question of

What are the most effective, fastest, and research-based techniques
for teaching anyone—yes, anyone—how to read?

Rely on our heavy lifting to get the most out of your instructional time. Whether you want to optimize instruction for gifted or typically-developing learners or dig your struggling or dyslexic readers out of the hole they’re in, you will benefit from the videos, ideas, materials, and community at Reading Simplified.

If you subscribe to Reading Simplified (it’s free!!), you’ll get regular email round-ups of insights that offer you the latest in how to streamline instruction to accelerate reading achievement.

About Marnie Ginsberg, Ph.D.

Ginsberg_HeadshotI am a reading teacher and researcher, writer and blogger, and wife and mom.

I have always loved to read, but I noticed early on that many children either do not like to read or are not very good at it, or both.  As I considered this a problem…a big problem…I set off to become to a teacher to change that. Just a little dream! 😉

As a public middle school teacher in the 90’s, I discovered that a focus on motivation and a reading workshop approach was still insufficient to overcome the hurdles facing many of my students who lacked early reading skills.  So, I began a private tutoring and consulting business and studied literacy further through doctoral studies at the University of North Carolina (UNC).  All along the way, I kept reading about the latest research or great teaching ideas and kept tinkering with my instruction. At UNC, I led the development of a unique K-2 reading intervention that provided webcam-based PD and coaching to teachers who deliver instruction to struggling readings in their classrooms.  Outcomes in multiple studies in top-tier research journals have demonstrated strong outcomes for struggling K-1 readers in all reading measures, including comprehension–effect sizes of .4 to .7 for the stats-geeks among us.  😉

Based on those experiences working classroom teachers in multiple states and working with children myself, the seeds for Reading Simplified were planted.

Today I live with my husband and three girls near chilly Madison, WI, where I became a big fan of the sun and Vitamin D for the first time. I like to read blogs and books, watch our kids’ soccer or volleyball games, walk, and futz around with the paleo approach to food. Finally, I aim to follow Christ.

Previous work and research has been featured or is ongoing here:

Previous programs 2

previous research 3


Our Story So Far...

  • Late 90’s

    Educated to Teach, But Under-Prepared in Reading

    Marnie uncovers that her 6th grade language arts students, on average, are reading 2 years below grade level. And despite her master’s degree and enthusiasm, she has no idea how to remediate their word-reading difficulties.

    Late 90’s
  • 1999

    An Early Unexpected Victory

    Marnie searches high and low for answers to her question, “How do you teach reading quickly?” and finds lots of conflicting advice and theories. Overwhelming! She finally runs across ideas that make sense. Before and after school, she tutors 2 boys in her class who originally were below the 1st grade level, and their achievement jumps ahead to the middle of 3rd grade!

  • 2000

    A Busy Tutoring Company Gets Grade Level Outcomes in 12 Hours

    These 2 boys’ rapid leap forward in reading achievement, after 6 years of failed learning, ignites an obsession in Marnie. Why wasn’t I prepared to teach reading? Why are so many students reading so poorly? She leaves the classroom to open a private reading clinic. Most of the students they work with are able to reach grade level in several reading domains after only 12 hours of 1-on-1 instruction.

  • 2001-2005

    Marnie Studies Early Reading Acquisition at UNC

    Marnie adds a Reading Specialist license and completes a doctoral program focusing on literacy at the University of North Carolina. She “gets to” read hundreds of research articles on word reading acquisition and phonological awareness. 😉

  • 2005-2012

    A Federally-Funded Research Program Yields Good Outcomes for Struggling Readers

    As a doc student and later as a UNC researcher, Marnie has the rare opportunity to develop an early reading intervention to be examined in a series of quasi-experimental research studies funded by the U.S. Institute of Education Sciences. Teachers in high-poverty, rural communities work with struggling readers using her new reading approach and also receive webcam-based coaching from Marnie and other literacy consultants. Multiple research articles in journals such as the Elementary School Journal, Journal of Educational Psychology, and Journal of Learning Disabilities, show strong outcomes for these readers, with effect sizes from .4 to .7, including comprehension.

  • 2013-2015
    2013-2015 Begins

    After watching so many teachers in multiple states (NC, NM, NE, TX) implement the approach she developed, Marnie streamlines the learning process even further for both the teacher and child. She develops K-5 sets of student materials and training videos for a national, non-profit mentoring organization. begins.

  • 2016

    An Online Training Site, the Reading Simplified Academy Opens

    The online Reading Simplified Academy opens to 40 new members.

  • 2017-2018

    Reading Simplified Expands to Serve a Global Audience

    The ideas of Reading Simplified catch on with teachers and parents all over the world who are overwhelmed by the seeming complexity of teaching reading, especially for those students who are struggling.

  • 2019+

    A Growing Reading Simplified Community to Eradicate the Reading Crisis

    With over 1700 teachers and parents going through the Reading Simplified Academy and over 30,000 subscribers to Reading Simplified free trainings, thousands of children have been reached with instruction that yields much more rapid achievement gains than mainstream approaches. Marnie continues to offer complimentary workshops via Facebook live most Tuesdays at 8 pm (EST) and through other online and in-person workshops. Passionate teachers and parents who’ve gotten unprecedented outcomes for their student(s) continue to spread the word about Reading Simplified.