3-Step Lesson plan for brand new readers

3-Step Lesson plan

Tune in to discover a streamlined 3-part lesson plan for brand new beginning readers. Snag a free week of lesson plans, too! Go here See how fast a beginner can move with activities that integrate multiple skills simultaneously. In addition, watch for a video segment of a 4 year-old learning how to read with one […]

The 1st step in teaching sight words

1st step sight words

The 1st–and most essential–step in teaching sight words. Discover how the right first step can make or break many readers achievement! Just 1 simple check can ensure ALL of your students learn sight words well…and more rapidly. Access to things we discussed in the video: Switch It Read It Reading tests Reading Simplified Academy What […]

The Foundation for Building Sight Words

foundation for building sight words

A 1st grader builds upon a decoding foundation to memorize high frequency words…. In other words, watch to see how decoding is the 1st step to learning sight words! We discuss: Switch It Sort It, & Guided Reading & Re-Reading for Fluency Please comment below–do you have students who struggle with learning high frequency words?

6 Simple Literacy Centers That Develop Readers

simple literacy centers

6 Simple Literacy Centers….That Develop Readers. Discover how 6 repeatable, easy-to-differentiate centers will target what matters when building readers! AND a free resource guide with tons of links will jumpstart your centers. Want the PDF resource guide with links for the 6 Simple Literacy Centers? Enter your name and email below to snag the full […]

Same Literacy Centers Every Day…But Easily Differentiated!

literacy centers differentiated

Wanna hear my #1 tip for how to rely on the same literacy centers every day….yet still easily differentiate at each center? You don’t have to search…find…purchase…print….copy….laminate…cut….sort….for every day’s lesson for the rest of your life! Watch the above video discover an easy-peasey way of keeping those kiddos engaged. We’re in Week #3 of the […]

3 Measures that Matter Most When Making Groups

“What do you do with the rest of the class during guided reading?” It’s the #1 question I get asked about small group reading instruction. We’re in a 4-week series with solutions and answers to that BIG problem. In this video, I’ll show you how just 3 markers can make it easy to group your […]

Kids Aren’t Widgets–Differentiation for Engagement

differentiation for engagement

“What do you do with the rest of the class during guided reading?” It’s the #1 question I get asked about small group reading instruction. The secret is differentiation for engagement. In the above video, I lay the foundation for ensuring that the rest of the class is engaged while we teach for guided reading. […]

Marry Sight Words and Phonics Knowledge with a Game

game sight words phonics

A trick to get students to learn phonics & high frequency sight words: The game Steal It! This fun game inspires kids to read more words than they would with routine activities because they want to win the game. Not only that, but because the words they’re reading focus on 2 essential early reading skills […]

The Antidote to the Letter of the Week


The Antidote to the Letter of the Week! Discover how 1 simple activity will solve all of your Letter of the Week woes! This 1 easy activity will SIMULTANEOUSLY teach… >> left-to-right tracking, >> the concept of the alphabetic principle (that our written language is a code for sounds), >> consonant letter-sound knowledge, >> short […]

A 3-Part Guided Reading Lesson with a Rising 1st Grader

guided reading lesson 1st grader

Watch this simple 3-part guided reading lesson as I work with a rising 1st grader. With this simplified structure, you don’t have to create new activities each lesson. AND yet, you still get a balanced lesson. Here is the 3-part guided reading lesson format that I used with the 1st grader (and I recommend for […]