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14 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Are the Reading simplified materials available for purchase? And when is the next academy available in the Midwest area of Des Moines or Omaha?

    • Yes! The Reading Simplified Academy just opened and you can access the course, over 700 differentiated student materials, and an online forum where I offer individualized support every weekday. Learn more here:

      I’d love to be back in Iowa again soon but don’t have an event planned. Thanks Sherri!

    • Hi Linda,

      Thanks for checking in about our resources! I don’t have that option available at this time, unfortunately. 🙁

      The good news is that membership in the Reading Simplified Academy is not a long-term commitment. You can join for 1 month, 3 months, or as long as you’d like. When I put the materials up on Teachers Pay Teachers one day, they’ll be hundreds of dollars for all the materials that you can snag inside the Reading Simplified Academy for just $39 for each month. Plus you learn how to orchestrate the whole system–from small group reading instruction to literacy centers–with the online video trainings.

      Thanks again for participating in the online workshop–I hope the activities save you time and boost your readers’ achievement!

  2. I attended your presentation at the Illinois Reading Conference earlier this month. I understood that we would receive and email so we could access some of the videos and power point from that presentation. I would like to see again the ‘switch it’ ‘read it’ ‘sort it’ strategy.

  3. I attended the ILA Conference in July where I sat in on your 1-day workshop. I loved it! As I am now in the second 9-weeks of the year, I am noticing students that will benefit greatly with your program. Unfortunately, my district and principal will not purchase your program, so I am in it alone. As I read your FAQ’s about accessing the program, my question is after I complete the program and the year’s membership, will I still have access to you and the materials? Or is it only for the year?
    Thank you,
    Sheri Higgins

    • Thanks so much for following up, Sheri. Glad to hear the workshop was beneficial!

      All the materials you receive while you’re a member are yours to use from then on, even if you’re no longer a member.

      Also, we have monthly membership options and yearly membership options, so some are yearly members and some are just monthly members, with no long-term contracts/commitments. Hope to see you “inside” the Reading Simplified Academy soon!

    • Hi Carrie, thanks for your interest! Our student materials are all part of the Reading Simplified Academy, a membership where teachers and parents learn the streamlined Reading Simplified system AND have access to hundreds of differentiated student materials for beginning or struggling readers, levels K-5. Jump on the waitlist for when we open up membership again here:

  4. I would like to know the cost point for this program. I don’t want to get to excited about it and then find out it is not affordable for me.

    Thank you

    • Understandable! Thanks for your interest Joy. I’ll email you directly as our pricing is changing and may not be the same 1 or more years from now.

      Many of our members are able to have their school or district cover the costs for the ongoing professional development so that’s something to consider as well!