The 1st step in teaching sight words

1st step sight words

The 1st–and most essential–step in teaching sight words. Discover how the right first step can make or break many readers achievement!

Just 1 simple check can ensure ALL of your students learn sight words well…and more rapidly.

Access to things we discussed in the video:

Switch It

Read It

Reading tests

Reading Simplified Academy

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90 thoughts on “The 1st step in teaching sight words

    • Good request Kerlene! Here are some of my favs that I mentioned:

      Why Our Children Can’t Read And What We Can Do About It by Dianne McGuinness

      Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children by the National Research Council

      National Reading Panel report

      Progress in Understanding Reading by Keith Stanovich

      Developing Early Literacy Report of the National Early Literacy Panel

      [The 3 national reports above are from the U.S.]

      Language at the Speed of Sight: How We Read, Why So May Can’t, and What Can Be Done About It by Mark Seidenberg, 2017, (especially chapters 4 on)

    • Thanks for saying that, Dorita. Yes, that’s a system’s problem because. Establishing the foundation is far more important in the early days and months. How are you juggling the competing demands?

    • Michele, as you learn each new activity in each of the 9 main units, you unlock the next unit with all the materials needed for that activity. Thus, your pace of learning and engaging determines how many resources you unlock in 1 month. Many folks go through the video course and try all the main activities in 1 month’s time.

  1. Thanks Marnie. I’ve been doing whole group switch and am preparing to start smaller group class activities Monday. I have 49 students, 1st graders starting at Step 1 level up to 2nd graders almost ready to move into advanced phonics. Many are have already shown some improvement!

  2. Love the glitter visual! The Reading Simplified Academy’s activities have helped my 6-year-old grow in reading ability by leaps and bounds. His K curriculum required 45 sight words and now his 1st grade curriculum requires 66. He wouldn’t be able to handle that amount of sight words without the sound based decoding instruction I’ve given him through my participation in the RSA.

  3. Wow, what you are saying makes so much sense to me Dr Marnie. I have been watching your videos and have learnt so much re switch it. Your explanation in this video re establishing sound letter recognition skills before trying to teach sight vocabulary during guided reading, has been an aha moment for me. I understand why the children who come to me for intervention and support, continue to struggle no matter what I do to help them try to remember the words that they are required to recognize on the lists that have been drawn up for them. Thank you for the opportunity of sharing your expertise with us via Facebook.

    • I’m SO glad to hear you articulate that point so well Heather! It’s SUCH a big problem in many English speaking countries. And such a simple fix!