Reading teacher and literacy advocate Donna Schultz Hejtmanek had no idea what she was getting herself into in the late summer of 2019 when she impulsively began a new Facebook group...Science of Reading--What I Should Have Learned in College.

Practically overnight, Donna was swamped with demand from teachers, parents, grandparents, and literacy leaders from all over the world wanting to commiserate, as well as learn more....

❓"Why aren't my students learning to read?"
❓"Why wasn't I taught what the science points towards?"
❓"Why do our reading programs ignore the science?"
❓"How SHOULD I teach reading?"

Donna's insight with the name and mission obviously struck a chord, as this Facebook group ballooned to 70,000 members in about 18 months. The demand for this community was breathtaking.

Most of my Facebook alerts are now for Donna's Facebook group--there's so much activity and engagement there! Indeed, Donna relies on 14 moderators just to keep her head above water.

Meet the advocate behind this profound movement; hear her story; discover what good the group is doing and where to get answers; and imagine what the future holds.

This discussion will be ????!

Does Donna's story inspire you?

It does me. It's one of many signs that the field of teaching reading is moving forward.

P.S. Since we last recorded this interview in early 2021, the Science of Reading Facebook group has now hit over 132K members, has an advisory board, and an active calendar of complimentary or very lost cost special professional development events.

Have you joined the group? What are your experiences? We'd love to know below!