How can you solve a problem such as an older reader who is struggling? And resistant?

This is more common than you might think. Many teachers and parents of middle school students, high school students, and beyond are dealing with this problem on a daily basis. 

Discover an important part of the solution for the struggling reader by hearing from my guest today, Tami Reis-Frankfort from Phonic Books. Tami is on a mission to help older struggling readers overcome their reading difficulties with help from Hi-Lo books. 

Hi-Lo books have a high (or advanced) interest level but low readability that helps older struggling readers stay motivated because they are reading something they can relate to.

However, not all Hi-Lo books will help students address their primary reading problem. If the low readability book does not prepare students to learn more about the structure of the English language, then they will be slow to improve their reading ability.

To avoid this problem, look for books like those from Phonic Books that target older readers with engaging images and storylines AND guide students systematically to learn more about the English language.

Watch the video below to learn more about finding Hi-Lo books that really work to engage and advance your older readers!

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Engaging Older Struggling Readers Via Hi-Lo Decodable Texts

[01:17]How Tami got into teaching and what inspired her to help struggling readers

[06:10] – Why you need to consider what books you’re giving students to read

[07:35]Hi-interest decodable books from Phonics Books that will help you re-engage older struggling readers

[17:05] – How Phonics Books aligns with the Reading Simplified Pathway and activities such as Switch It

[21:52] – Examples of book series from Phonics Books that hooks students with the story while merging it with the reading skills they need to build

[33:47] – Why you need to choose Hi-Lo books that combine decoding and comprehension with vocabulary development

[34:38] – How to use the reading practice pages in Phonics Books

[37:38] – More examples of excellent Hi-Lo decodable books from Phonics Book

[41:40] – How to use the workbooks to help teach older struggling readers before and after reading the decodable texts

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Use code RS-PB-10% to get 10% off your Phonic Book order!

What are your thoughts on Hi-Lo books? Let me know in the comments and let me know what you think of the books that Tami shared from Phonics Books!