Same Literacy Centers Every Day…But Easily Differentiated!

literacy centers differentiated

Wanna hear my #1 tip for how to rely on the same literacy centers every day….yet still easily differentiate at each center?

You don’t have to search…find…purchase…print….copy….laminate…cut….sort….for every day’s lesson for the rest of your life! Watch the above video discover an easy-peasey way of keeping those kiddos engaged.

We’re in Week #3 of the What to Do with the Rest of the Class series. This is the series that YOU asked for: A coherent plan for the other kids–and one that engages them–while you try teach a guided reading group.

Did you miss one of the weeks? Here’s how to catch up:

Week #1 Kids Aren’t Widgets

Week #2 3 Measures that Matter Most When Managing Groups

Please comment below with how YOU are managing the craziness that is literacy centers. I LOVE to hear from you!

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29 thoughts on “Same Literacy Centers Every Day…But Easily Differentiated!

  1. I’m not sure if the other one posted …
    On a whim I thought of this… 4 weeks ago i picked up the painting pallets from dollar tree and a long time ago I picked up the bottle caps from hobby lobby in the loose parts section. They fit perfectly on the palette. I wrote initial phonemes and blends on the bottle caps and my son switches them around to get more trials.. we have learned 4 word families already.. it is motivating..

    • This looks so fun, Katie! I love how you’re tying in the visual of left-to-right blending with the arrow. I’m sure your son felt like this was just a fun game! You could even push his phonemic processing more by moving the bottle caps in every position, not just the initial.

      Thanks so much for sharing! I also am glad to see the “wh” on one bottle cap. 😉

    • Katie, haha! The realities of creative supply uses!

      Consider separating those s blends since they’re separate sounds, or phonemes. I find kids who are taught blends can get tripped up in 2nd grade and beyond bc they don’t really understand the phonemic structure as deeply as good readers.

      Kids I work with will see a “b” and read it “bl” or “br”. Or, they’ll see “b” and guess “bl” etc. Of course not everyone develops that problem. But most everyone who will struggle later, will make this error.

  2. Round Robin Re-Reading – If you have a group of 6 students, each has 5 cards with their name on it. When a child reads the text to them, they give them a card. The aim is for all the children to collect a card from each group member.

    • Stephanie, I think it may take awhile to load, but it should be right under the main picture under the title. Hope it’s there for you now!