How can teachers honestly be expected to abandon years, if not decades, of training and programs that have guided them their entire careers in exchange for seemingly new practices claiming to be "research-based?"

Changing minds and hearts is tough stuff.

Our guest Margaret Goldberg knows that full well as she has demonstrated so eloquently in recent years through The Right to Read Project, her blog at Reading Rockets, and her influence shared by Emily Hanford's APM documentary, At a Loss for Words.

So we're honored to bring Margaret to you to share her talk, "Evidently, Evidence Isn't Enough." Here's your sneak peek....

The perceived refusal of teachers to adopt evidence-based practices can be bewildering to those who do not understand the social network of teachers. Teachers are characterized as “unprofessional” for not aligning practice with research, but history is rife with examples of resistance to scientific findings, and the offended indignation of teachers in response to being told about the science of reading should be no surprise.

Balanced literacy leaders have developed a tight-knit community centered around the belief that teachers are already experts. That narrative makes it challenging for us to face the decades’-worth of research that exposes and explains students’ struggles with reading.

Teachers who have shifted our practice in light of reading research often encounter difficulty when trying to encourage our colleagues to make those same changes.

How can researchers and advocates recenter the teaching community around new learning and practices to improve reading instruction for all children?

Simplifiers, this is an insightful, powerful message to encourage and guide us.

Who's in? 

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Now it's your turn!

Are you involved in making change in your school? Do Margaret's observations match your experience? Why or why not?

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