Imagine trudging through your entire school career while essentially being a non-reader! The fate of our children who suffer with profound reading difficulties like this is devastating.

But let me share the story of one person who overcame that terrible beginning and is now on a mission to ensure that no other child ever faces such a hardship again....

Please welcome Dr. Shawn Anthony Robinson as he shares his amazing personal story of transformation from a non-reader at age 18 to reader. Yet Shawn persisted even further to not only learn to read but to gain a PhD, write academic articles, create graphic books for children, such as Doctor Dyslexia Dude, and even lead a mission. 

It's exhilarating to hear a story of overcoming. And yet it's appalling that any child should have to suffer with profound reading difficulties like Dr. Anthony Robinson did. That's why I'm honored to host his advocacy work--Shawn's broadcasting the hard news that we're not preparing ALL of our children to thrive as readers. This is not our children's destiny. We need to find ways to teach them, just as Shawn's dear mentor did for him when he was a young man.

Watch and listen to the surprising story Doctor Dyslexia Dude has to tell.... 

From Non-Reader to PhD

[00:53] – Dr. Shawn Anthony Robinson talks about his struggles with reading and how he overcame them

[10:18] – Why you have to become an advocate for yourself and the importance of making your students believe in themselves

[11:40] – A peek inside Dr. Shawn Anthony Robinson’s graphic texts

[13:40] – The importance of giving students access to opportunities and the tools they need to help them become better readers

[18:17] – How Dr. Shawn Anthony Robinson’s professor taught him to read despite having dyslexia

[27:44] – How Dr. Shawn Anthony Robinson’s is advocating for change in the way we teach struggling readers to read

[37:46]The value of using a dictionary to help master spelling, pronunciation and an appreciation for language

[46:06] – Why teachers should inspire hope in their struggling readers especially.

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