3-Step Lesson Plan for Nearly New Beginning Readers

new beginning readers

Want a week of guided reading plans?

Join us as I demonstrate a simple 3-step lesson plan tailor-made for NEARLY new beginners. And I’ll offer a link to a week of lesson plans using this simple lesson plan framework!

Last week I shared how a simple 3-step lesson plan can jumpstart Brand-New Beginners.

THIS week, I’ll model how a related lesson plan can boost the “Nearly” New Beginning Readers–those kids who know some letter-sounds but still can’t decode much.

Or, those who seem stagnant at Level D or E.

Tag a friend so they can get the free 3-part lesson plan download and the free week of lessons!!

Got a question or concern about nearly new beginning readers?

Post it here so I can answer and you can catch the response later, even if you can’t attend live!

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