Quick Help for Blending Challenges

Got blending problems? It’s a classic new-reader challenge.

Even if your students can blend CVC (3-sound) words, they may not be able to blend CVCC or CCVC words. Watch a rising 1st grader get better and better at her blending using a simple technique–Blend As You Read.

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65 thoughts on “Quick Help for Blending Challenges

    • Great question! A classic problem. Answered a little over half the way through the video…Model how to blend the sounds together; have them copy you; and then see if they can blend the next sound (or sounds).

      Then withdraw your support as soon as possible so they don’t rely on you…

    • Dawny, thanks so much for the great questions! I’m excited for you to use these techniques, too! K kids can really rocket with this approach and the 2 others I teach in the workshop.

      As I mentioned in the session, I don’t think she had this type of sound-symbol support in K, but I don’t know. We just started working together about 2 weeks ago with Summer Camp. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Find previous episodes of her getting started in this Reading Simplified feed.

    • Definitely not too hard for K if you give support in a small group. Everyone should be able to blend CVC words within a week or too with this activity, along with Switch It. (Just use a small # of letter-sounds over and over if they don’t know the letter-sounds yet.)

    • Yes, when students have reached the Advanced Code, such as long vowels, and learned a few long vowel sounds, then we introduce Read It with MS words. First, the teacher chunks the word up and teaches students how to Blend As You Read by Chunk (aka syllable). Then the students move to the next level of writing, too–Writing and Saying the sounds by Chunk (no longer by individual phonemes). Good Q!