A 3-Part Guided Reading Lesson with a Rising 1st Grader

guided reading lesson 1st grader

Watch this simple 3-part guided reading lesson as I work with a rising 1st grader.

With this simplified structure, you don’t have to create new activities each lesson. AND yet, you still get a balanced lesson.

Here is the 3-part guided reading lesson format that I used with the 1st grader (and I recommend for all beginners or those struggling):

  1.  Re-Reading for Fluency
  2. Word Work
  3. Guided Reading of a new text

Want to snag a lesson plan format that fits this lesson?


Finally, what do you think of this guided reading format? Questions? Doubts? Successes?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below! 🙂

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38 thoughts on “A 3-Part Guided Reading Lesson with a Rising 1st Grader

  1. I see her removing the end of the word and then rebuilding from the vowel. Looks like something either developmental in nature or something to do with working memory that she’s working toward substitution of just the medial vowel sounds in isolation without other disruptions in the word.
    would also do some visual matching with this young student as she may have a stronger visual than auditory memory. When I do this visual matching, the student has a copy of words or sentences. I read one, give student my card and they have to match it with theirs. We start with objects, then pictures, symbols, words, sentences, stories. This method can even be used with nonverbal children. It’s great for teaching personal info as well, phone #s, address, name recognition, etc.