The neglected, oft-ignored side-kick of word reading instruction is the multisyllable word. ????  Poor little guy.

SO many programs either don't teach students HOW to decode multisyllablic words or they teach it so late in the child's development as to be nearly useless.  What's worse, when you DO find a program that teaches how to attack unfamiliar multisyllable words, it often hampers you with multiple rules and syllable types that take months, if not years, to do well.

There's a better way.

Discover how SIMPLE our decoding strategies for multisyllabic words are. They work. But they don't Overwhelm. ????

  1. First, you’ll learn how to use the Read It activity, which lays the necessary foundation for the more advanced skills needed for multisyllabic word reading.   
  2. Second, discover how to introduce multisyllable word reading to your students, whether they are beginning in or struggling with reading.
  3. Third,  notice how the Flex It decoding strategy also helps cope with all the unpredictable vowel spellings our students will enounter in multisyllabic words.

That's it! Just 3 core decoding strategies will take your students from non-reader to fluent reader. Watch the video below for the skinny on multisyllable words.... 

Multisyllablic Word Reading

[00:53] – How the Read It activity and Blend As You Read strategy helps kids learn to blend the sounds in multisyllabic words

[05:33] – How to teach Blend As You Read by chunk (or syllable)

[08:56] – Examples of Reading Simplified Academy resources that you can use to help kids learn to blend the chunks (or syllables) of multisyllabic words

[11:32]How kids can learn to “chunk the words” using the Flex It decoding strategy

[14:39] – A video demonstration of how a struggling reader uses the Blend As You Read by Chunk strategy to tackle the word “position”

[18:37] – The importance of targeted teacher feedback

[22:30]A brief overview of the foundation for decoding and the activities and strategies that we teach inside the Reading Simplified Academy

[23:43] – How to help kids get better at reading multisyllablic words

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