Are you looking for a simpler system for how to teach anyone how to read--whether beginning or struggling readers?  Then watch along with this overview video of the Reading Simplified Academy....

Discover how our streamlined professional development enables you to learn the Reading Simplified system, so you can more rapidly teach readers of all ages.

See downloadable core activity word lists, samples of over 1000 pages of student resources, and teacher handouts that flesh out the complete Reading Simplified system. And learn how the cycle of watching videos, testing out an activity, reflecting in the online discussion board (Teachers' Lounge), and taking short quizzes prepare you to learn an approach for teaching ANYONE how to read.

Then we hope that you'll join us on the inside of the Reading Simplified Academy! 

Watch Reading Simplified Academy Overview

We invite you to a sneak peek of the Reading Simplified Academy with this overview video below. All this will become yours when you become a member. 🙂 

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We see such great success when teachers, parents, and grandparents implement the complete Reading Simplified system. But don't just take my word for it...Check out these video and written reviews of Reading Simplified from members all over the world.

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