6 Simple Literacy Centers That Develop Readers

simple literacy centers

6 Simple Literacy Centers….That Develop Readers.

Discover how 6 repeatable, easy-to-differentiate centers will target what matters when building readers! AND a free resource guide with tons of links will jumpstart your centers.

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49 thoughts on “6 Simple Literacy Centers That Develop Readers

    • I’m planning on starting the switch it next week. Before I do would do the word chains (found on engage NY) whole class, but like how it is more differentiated and students have more responsibility when done in small group

    • That makes me smile, Sherry! I started out as a middle school teacher, but when my kids were reading below grade level and I didn’t know how to solve it, I switched my focus to just beginning or struggling readers. 🙂

    • I’ve seriously been thinking about it for the same reason. I added reading specialist to my license two years ago. I am like a sponge trying to soak up info like you provide. Thanks for contributing to other educators.