6 Simple Literacy Centers That Develop Readers

simple literacy centers

6 Simple Literacy Centers….That Develop Readers.

Discover how 6 repeatable, easy-to-differentiate centers will target what matters when building readers! AND a free resource guide with tons of links will jumpstart your centers.

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55 thoughts on “6 Simple Literacy Centers That Develop Readers

    • I’m planning on starting the switch it next week. Before I do would do the word chains (found on engage NY) whole class, but like how it is more differentiated and students have more responsibility when done in small group

  1. I just realized that this is the last video of a 4-part series! I just found out about your website so I’ve missed them all! Could you please post the links to the first 3 parts of the series? Thank you so much!

    • Thanks for pointing this need out, Jeanette! We are making some changes in our website, and some things have slipped through the cracks…

      We’ll get you that PDF in the next few days. We’re so grateful for you and all our growing audience in Ontario!