One and Done….Nearly

Maria is a beautiful, endearing child with carefully plaited braids and bows that match her skirt. Like millions of other children over the years, she enters Kindergarten, expectant, hoping to learn to read. But will she? Easily? Or, Will she struggle? Frankly, the US national odds are against Maria learning to read easily and well. […]

Welcome to Readers of The Applicious Teacher!

Welcome to all those fans of lovely site, The Applicious Teacher! We’re glad you’re visiting Reading Simplified! Reading Simplified exists to streamline the teaching of reading while accelerating the achievement of your students.  (Please see below for a FREEBIE just for stopping by.) Here at Reading Simplified we offer: free videos, checklists, worksheets, reading materials, and […]

The Most Important Question–Comprehension 101

Bloom and his Taxonomy gave me a guilt trip. Can I get a witness? Like many teachers-in-training, I was taught the cognitive domain of his hierarchy of questions: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, evaluation, and synthesis.   Hierarchy.  Bah! That’s so… so……     so…                       […]