Reading Tests That Inform Instruction

reading tests

“Houston, we have a problem.” Beyond the 2nd grade, most classroom teachers do not have access to specific assessment information about reading that can inform instruction. This is a big problem. In the U.S., for instance, nearly 65% of 4th grade readers are NOT proficient in reading. Teachers of these struggling readers are likely aware […]

Netflix for English Teachers–15 Nights of PD via Facebook Live

ELA live 15 days of PD on FB

What’s the most ridiculous PD experience you’ve had? My funniest was my first day as brand-spanking-new teacher after 2 years of preparation….The district curriculum director gathered all the new recruits for the district into a small conference room and trapped us there.  All. Day. Ok, I bet you’re thinking…”I’ve had to do that. That’s no […]

The Most Important Question–Comprehension 101

Bloom and his Taxonomy gave me a guilt trip. Can I get a witness? Like many teachers-in-training, I was taught the cognitive domain of his hierarchy of questions: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, evaluation, and synthesis.   Hierarchy.  Bah! That’s so… so……     so…                       […]