The Teacher Who Didn’t Know How to Teach Reading!

How It All Started….And a Special Opportunity I’m here today in 2019 with this blog all because of two 6th grade boys who didn’t know how to read way back in 1998. But which was worse–the 2 middle school boys in my classroom who didn’t know how to read OR… …the language arts teacher (me!) […]

We Appreciate You, Teacher!!

teacher appreciation 2018

No other professional would put up with the craziness that you’ve seen (and endured) over the years, right, my teacher friend? But your work is our future. Thank you. Sorry we don’t say it enough. In honor of you, this Teacher Appreciation week 2018, please download the beautiful quote image above. {Click here.} A token […]

Why Phonics Isn’t Sticking (And What to Do About It!)

boy with phonics sticky notes

Are you worn down from teaching a student (or a group of students) who have seem to have a “sieve brain”? There’s nothing more frustrating than teaching phonics repeatedly to a student and yet none of it seems to stick! You teach important content with all the bells and whistles–multisensory, movement, repetition, etc. And then […]

Netflix for English Teachers–15 Nights of PD via Facebook Live

ELA live 15 days of PD on FB

What’s the most ridiculous PD experience you’ve had? My funniest was my first day as brand-spanking-new teacher after 2 years of preparation….The district curriculum director gathered all the new recruits for the district into a small conference room and trapped us there.  All. Day. Ok, I bet you’re thinking…”I’ve had to do that. That’s no […]

Join the Spring Forward 25-Day Challenge!

daisies in flower can spring forward challenge

Are you counting down the days till summer break? Who’s not, right? With over-testing, kids’ spring fever, students who are not progressing as we hoped, and the arrival of warm, blue skies, we may be a tad less effective in our teaching in the last few weeks and days. I know I’ve gotten too worn-down […]

Wondering what happened to our star Kindergarten struggling reader by the end of the 5-day challenge?

Catch up in less than 5 minutes with this day-by-day tour his accomplishments during our special event, Level Up Your Readers’ Accomplishments in the Next 5 Days. Recall that he began the 5-day challenge knowing 6-7 consonants and no short vowels. He also couldn’t segment CVC words, initially.

In just 10 minutes a day, he was able to skyrocket through what other programs would have taken months to accomplish with similar struggling readers with 1 of our core activities, Switch It. You, too, can save instructional time AND boost student achievement when you participate in our Reading Simplified Academy membership.

Learn more here.

3 Unexpected Delights at the ILA Conference 2015

We were so honored and excited to present for a pre-conference institute at the International Literacy Association’s (ILA) annual conference in St. Louis last weekend. We shared to an eager audience of teachers a handful of key reading strategies that we use with beginning and struggling readers. Christie and I both had to rush back more […]