Boosting teachers’ knowledge of phonemic awareness and…

phonemic awareness

Join us for a post-Halloween-candy-overdose party! BYOC…Bring Your Own Candy. ūüėČ We’ll play with the candy to become experts in phonemic awareness and phonics. If you teach reading, these are the fundamentals of our language that you need to know. Researchers have repeatedly discovered that elementary teachers have poor knowledge of phonemic awareness and phonics […]

A Small Group Guided Reading Structure for Accelerated Reading (and Less Teacher Stress!!)

[Looking for a small group Guided Reading structure that’s easy to use AND accelerates students’ achievement? You’re in the right place!¬†Stay tuned to a free lesson plan and insights to help you Do Less. And Accomplish More!] When I was a new teacher, I came home tired. ¬†Dead tired. ¬†My husband wanted to support me, […]

Enter Into the Child’s Worldview

Several¬†months ago I was visiting a preschool classroom and the teacher asked me a question based on her bi-annual PALS assessment. The assessment includes phonological (sound-based language) awareness, letter name, and letter sound knowledge. She and her co-teacher both observed some quirky responses but didn‚Äôt understand the root. She wondered: ‚ÄúWhy do several children say, […]

3 Activities a Day to Keep Reading Difficulties Away

How long does it take to catch a reader who is struggling back up to her peers? Some reading research reports explain that almost all¬†students with reading difficulties can catch up after 70 or more hours of 1-on-1 instruction. 70 hours! ¬† Know any classroom teachers with that kinda time? ¬†For 1 student? And, while […]

Welcome to Readers of The Applicious Teacher!

Welcome¬†to all those fans of lovely site, The Applicious Teacher! We’re glad you’re visiting Reading Simplified! Reading Simplified exists to streamline the teaching of reading while accelerating the achievement of your students.¬† (Please see below for a FREEBIE just for stopping by.) Here at Reading Simplified we offer: free videos, checklists, worksheets, reading materials, and […]

Welcome to the Reading Simplified blog!

We are so excited to begin this new phase of Reading Simplified–sharing ideas with all of you! ¬†We will start the conversation with tips and strategies for making reading instruction simpler and more efficient to result in greater acceleration for your students. Here¬†are some example topics we’ll review: streamlining the Common Core State Standards, integrating […]